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Saturday, February 12, 2011

breakfast of champions

the bolshevik started this morning's
before i could get a good picture
of all the cookies 
it is my belief that if you have fresh baked goods in your house, there is no reason not to eat them for breakfast.  and it is with great pride that i tell you dear blog readers that this morning i had homemade chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  (i also recommend brownies and cupcakes as excellent baked-goods-for-breakfast)

now before you get all preachy on me, let me ask you ... is this really any worse than a bowl of sugary cereal?  especially if the cereal in question is cookie crisp?  (i was never allowed to have cookie crisp as a child.  obviously my baked-goods-for-breakfast initiative is some sort of rebellion)

moving on!

since many of you were concerned about my inability to bake here in buenos aires, let me walk you through how this was accomplished.

first i was finally able to find baking soda (bicarbonato de sodio) and baking powder (polvo para hornear)  you really have to do some searching to find these things since they are kept in these strange little packets, and aren't put in an obvious place.  then i found "brown sugar" or azĂșcar de fantasia negro.  it was difficult to tell if this was true brown sugar or if it was just regular sugar that had been colored brown.  but lo and behold this sugar of fantasy actually was legitimate brown sugar!

next i needed chocolate chips.  a key ingredient in chocolate chip cookies.  however, i went to two different stores and couldn't find any.  later i was informed that you have to go to a special party store to get chocolate chips.  so i improvised and bought a large chocolate bar and then smashed it into little pieces.

then we had the numberless oven problem ... so i put the dial near the "little flame" setting, assuming that it's better to underbake than overbake.

much like at an argentine parilla, my chocolate chip cookies were slow-baked to perfection ... much like re-inventing the wheel, i have re-invented the art of baking.

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