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Saturday, May 1, 2010

the blogging competition OR couples who blog together stay together

if you examine my list of links, you will see that my beloved bolshevik has started his own travel blog.  actually, he started it over a year ago and just never wrote anything in it or published it.  but that is neither here nor there.  the point is, now the bolshevik and i are in a bit of a blogging competition.  when we witness something interesting or something of note, one of us needs to "call it," much like you would call "shotgun" or "not it."  i have tried adding punching into the act of "calling it," but i think we will keep the punching to when we play Man on a Horse with a Sword.

anyway, the other night we had an interaction with someone who i will refer to as The Mysterious Belgian Woman.  now, i tried to "call it" as my story, but the bolshevik said that since it was he that initiated the contact with this woman, then he gets first dibs on the story writing.  fine.  so now i am waiting on the bolshevik to write his version so that i may write and publish my version.  just to make it more interesting, there will be a part 2 to The Story of the Mysterious Belgian Woman once we arrive in cusco next week.  oooooh, stay tuned!

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