A disgruntled librarian packs it up and leaves fabulous New York City behind,
going on random global adventures,
while simultaneously promoting literacy
and spreading the love of the written word.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

shhhh . . . we're resting

in typical south american fashion, we have been welcomed into cusco with a parade.  this one had less fanfare than our welcome to lima parade, but it did involve a couple of men in monkey suits, so how can we complain?

one of the big things about cusco is that it is at an extremely high elevation, and land-loving gringos like ourselves often get altitide sickness, or soroche.  so in order to fight off a potential soroche outbreak (does one have an outbreak of soroche? an onslaught perhaps?)  we are taking it easy.  we have been told not to exert ourselves or do anything strenuous. we played cards, ate lunch, had a quick stroll about town, and now we're back in the room .... resting ... as advised ... it's a little boring.

1 comment:

  1. Men in monkey suits is the greatest welcome a couple of gringos can get!

    We napped a lot in South America. Felt deliciously lazy & a little elitist.