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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a hoarder's diary part 1: luna bars

it is my belief that after the revolution comes and we must rebuild society, luna bars will be our new form of currency.  just kidding.

in my many preparations for our trip it occurred to me that even though our meals and daily snacks will be provided for us on the inca trail, it would probably be good to have my own provisions.  i have a severe nut allergy (of course i do, would you expect anything less?) and i was suddenly picturing everyone partaking in a lovely homemade trail mix, chock full of nuts, and little old me wasting away with no daily snack.  so sad, i know.

and that is when i came up with my clever luna bar stash idea.  but after buying 8 bars (two per day), i panicked.  what if the bolshevik tries to eat some of my luna bars? so then i bought four more.  but i am putting my foot down with four!  the bolshevik is only allowed to steal one of my luna bars per day.

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