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while simultaneously promoting literacy
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

man on a horse with a sword

the bolshevik and i have created this game ... it is similar to punch buggy.  whenever you see a statue of a man on a horse with a sword, you have to shout out "man on a horse with a sword!" and then punch the other person.  it's a bit wordy to say, but it's more fun than you'd think. and trust me, these statues are plentiful.  sometimes, if i say it without thinking it comes out as "man on a sword with a horse," which would be rather painful.


  1. Plentiful indeed. When we were there & seeing all the men on horses with swords, I wished I could remember what all that sheeot supposedly symbolizes. If both of the horse's front legs are off the ground, the dude died in battle. One leg lifted, the dude sustained wounds in battle, but died subsequent. If all 4 legs are down, the guy died of non-battle-related reasons -- possibly murder at the...hands...of a turtle.

  2. too many of our comrades have fallen at los manos de las tortugas