A disgruntled librarian packs it up and leaves fabulous New York City behind,
going on random global adventures,
while simultaneously promoting literacy
and spreading the love of the written word.

Friday, April 2, 2010

adios miss dewey decimal

that's right .... that joyous of joyous days is finally here!  it is my last day as a working stiff!

the folks here at the library threw me a nice little party last week with a cake and flowers and a thoughtful parting gift (it was a gift certificate!  and i used it to buy such extravagant things like aluminum water bottles and water purification tablets for my 4 day hike to machu picchu).

but then when i came in this morning i found an interesting treat in the staff room.  sad cupcakes!  that's right, my fabulous partner in library crimes made me these lovely sad cupcakes which are obviously distraught with sorrow over the loss of little ol' me.  and they're tasty too.

you know, as much as i complain about work ... i will miss some of the people i work with.  some of them.

moving on!  i would like to say that i will spend the next few days being lazy and watching tv and eating bon bons, but sadly that is not the case.  there is much to be done!

only 21 days left to prepare!

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