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Saturday, March 27, 2010

the tefl sheffle OR where is my mind?

you might be asking yourself, "self, what are miss dewey d and her beloved bolshevik possibly going to do to support themselves while in argentina?"  well, it is our plan to get jobs teaching english.  i do love language and the written word, as you know, so it all seems fitting.  for the past few months the bolshevik and i have been doing an online course to become TEFL certified (teaching english as a foreign language).  now, i went to library school for two years and received a masters in library science.  i am no stranger to boring course work.  but this is by far the most boring tedious thing i have ever had to do in my life.  urgh.

so at first, before the bolshevik ran off to the motherland, we would do the assignments together.  typically we would read a chapter while drinking a cocktail the bolshevik created which is a refreshing combination of bailey's irish creme and vanilla vodka (the bolshevik is an irish citizen of course, so this is a fine combination of his two cultural influences) ... needless to say our rate of homework completion was slow going at best.

even when we aren't intoxicated, we still slack off a lot.  like the one time we wound up taking a 3 hour nap between reading the chapter and answering the chapter questions (too many tefl cocktails!).  then there was the time when we spent a large chunk of time coming up with a tefl homework "theme song".  we decided that the pixies "where is my mind," suited us best.  our version goes like this, and should be sung whenever you are feeling bored or frustrated (the frustration is typically due to immense boredom)  ...

with your feet in the air and your head on the ground
TEF-FULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (shouted loudly like you're in agony)
where is my mind?  where is my mind? 
(repeat as needed)

and now that the bolshevik is in russia, we divide up the homework, each of us doing different tasks and then combining them together to make one completed assignment.  we are SO close to being done.  we have about 2.5 units left to complete.

you may be wondering, "why is miss dewey decimal telling us all this?"  the answer dear blog readers is simple ... because i am currently slacking off instead of reading chapter 20.

TEFL!  where is my mind?  where is my mind?

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