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Sunday, March 21, 2010

as cute as howard hughes

i may have mentioned my paranoia regarding dust mites.  let me tell you a little something about dust mites ... they are microscopic organisms that feed on dead human skin.  they typically live in bedding and i am highly allergic to them.  gross.  totally gross.

so i come back from my week's vacation in brooklyn, and after just two nights of sleeping in what i neurotically assume is a bed invested with dust mites (i have washed all the bedding, including the pillow, and i have placed two sheets in the mattress in hopes that they create a barrier between me and the dust mites) i develop a bad sore throat and get all congested.  so then i stay home from work because i am feeling very yucky, but then i worry .... will i only get worse, staying in this dusty dust mite environment?

and that is when i decided that since there is no one else living here to witness my craziness, i shall wear a surgical mask to protect myself from inhaling dust and dust mites.  yup.  that's right.  i am one step closer to being howard hughes.  but to be perfectly honest, i think that it's working. 

maybe south america will have some sort of fabulous magical environment that is void of things that i am allergic to.


  1. I never imagined how good you would look in a surgical mask -
    and it's a neurotic dream come true to have my child so well protected!

  2. they're very slimming, surgical masks