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while simultaneously promoting literacy
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

this week on Spare Room

my friend joe k. and i have an ongoing joke in which we discuss a fictitious reality tv show that we are going to create called Spare Room.  Spare Room is based on the spare bedroom(s) in my ex-step-father's house that have been inhabited by various people over the years, all with their own drama: people keeping the heat up so high that the bills increased by hundreds of dollars, people who ordered lots of on-demand movies on the TV without paying for them, people who somehow got into my ex-step-father's netflix account and increased the number of movies he could have out at once (without telling him of course).  etc, etc.  so far my only crime was an incident with pillows in the washing machine after a dust mite paranoia freak out.  but i digress ... it would all make for such great television!

so this week on Spare Room, miss dewey decimal decides she needs a break from long island living and travels to southern brooklyn to stay with two gay men!  what crazy hijinks will happen next?

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