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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

chillaxin' in the pequas (part 2: invasion of the lumberjacks)

this morning i ordered a tea with milk and shuggah ... i must be back on long island.

This Week On Spare Room: A storm hits and there's a full house in Massapequa.

apparently while i was hanging out with my boys in sunset park there was a big storm out here and lots of trees fell down.  so i come back for week two on strong island and my ex-step-aunt (don't you just love it when i talk about my family?) is staying at the house because the power has been out at her place for several days.  so she's staying in what used to be her old bedroom, and my ex-step-father is staying in the master bedroom. 

one of my college friends was in from out of town, and he and i were supposed to go out.  i had this vision of us going out to one of the many depressing drinking holes in the neighborhood, places with names like sidekicks and gossip.  he calls me and tells me he can't find a hotel room anywhere because all these lumberjacks are in town to deal with the fallen trees.  yes, you heard me ... lumberjacks.  he said his typical hotel was filled with lots of burly men in red plaid and knit hats. don't we have local people that know how to do this?  we have to import people from washington state?  anyway.

so i'm sitting on one of the two twin beds in my bedroom and i'm telling my ex-step-father how it's too bad that all the bedrooms are taken because my friend could've stayed at the house instead of spending the night driving around in hopes of finding a hotel sans lumberjacks.

then my ex-step-father looks at the twin bed next to me, which i have been using to hold piles of clothes and books and assorted crap, and says "well why don't you just move all your stuff and let him sleep there."  he's so smart,  my ex-step-father.

so instead of a night out on the town where i run into people from my high school who have all gotten fat, my friend came over with beer and snacks and we all had a fun little sleepover.  just a typical day in the suburbs i guess.

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