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Monday, March 8, 2010

chillaxin' in the pequas (part 1)

many of you fine people may be asking yourself, "self, where is miss dewey decimal living now that she gave up her apartment?"  the answer is ... massapequa!  oh yes, home of joey buttafuoco and such great cultural hubs as the sunrise mall.  it's all been very exciting.  i ride an LIRR train with commuters and i drive a car to and from the station!  just like a real suburbanite!

needless to say, i have been trying to spend as little time in massapequa as possible.  aside from sleeping, i have yet to spend any great lengths of time in the -qua.  one of the problems is that the house is very very spooky.  have i mentioned that i'm actually quite the scaredy cat when it comes to stuff like The Dark and being alone?  well i am. it's kinda sad.

so the house where i am residing belongs to my ex-step-father (please read: a who was once married to my mother but is not actually my father).  this house used to belong to his parents, and let's just say that they weren't big on modern decor.  so room by room my step-father has been refurbishing the house, pulling up fuscia carpeting, taking down metallic (motorized!) blinds, removing wood paneling, etc. 

right now he is remodeling the kitchen.  so when you walk into the house there are huge plastic sheets covering the entranceways to the living room, dining room and kitchen in order to protect the rest of the house from dust and debris and whatnot.  these plastic sheets are CREEPY!  and since my ex-step-father doesn't live in the house full time, more often than not i am coming home to a scary empty house.

if this were a horror movie everyone would be like "no, miss dewey decimal!  don't walk near the plastic sheet!  the killer is hiding behind it and he is going to stab you and your blood will stain the brand new kitchen tiles!" 

unbeknownst to my ex-step-father, i have gotten into the habit of leaving ALL the lights on when i leave the house so that when i return (hours later) i will be less freaked out to walk around.

i have also noticed that the house makes weird noises.  not just creaking noises, noises like there are people inside, walking around noises, things moving noises.  and then the other night ... i could've sworn i heard whispering.  granted, i was supposed to watch the latest episode of Lost that night (it was The Others!), but i am pretty sure it was not "just my imagination."

this may be a long six weeks.

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