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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

milk shake consultant and punk rope instructor looking for work

even though the bolshevik and i have become certified TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) instructors, we are still interested in the possibilities of picking up other odd jobs in order to get some extra cash once we settle down in buenos aires.  so when we are at a loss of conversation topics, sometimes we will brainstorm potential vocations.  part of the brainstorming process is also coming up with a scenario in which we will experience some sort of lapse in service, and then we will present the person responsible with a business card, touting our skills in said service area.  here are the contenders:

1. Punk Rope Instructor - i have recently gone through a training to become a certified punk rope instructor!  so i am hoping that if i can generate enough interest, maybe i can get a class started in buenos aires.  and wouldn't the punk rope logo make a cool looking business card?

2.  English Proofreaders - the bolshevik and i, both being obsessed with the art of grammar and proper spelling, have often noticed that in non-english speaking countries there is a widespread problem of poorly translated signs and menus.  at first the bolshevik thought that maybe we should start some sort of non-profit organization in which we helped businesses and individuals correct these errors for the good of humanity.  but then the bolshevik decided it would be best to offer our services at a small fee to those in need.  and of course we would have business cards handy for those instances in which we are out and about and come across bad grammar and/or improper spelling.

3.  Milk-Shake Consultant - it is a little known fact that the bolshevik is an expert in the realm of milk-shakes.  not only does he have impeccable milk-shake making abilities (he owns an ice cream scale for precision of milk-shake creation!  an ice cream scale!), but he also has a very sophisticated pallet when it comes to milk-shake critique.  given the fact that the ice cream in buenos aires is so phenomenal, it would stand to reason that they may need help in keeping their milk-shakes to the same high standards.  and because their ice cream is so good, it is possible that they haven't even felt the need to branch out into milk-shakes.  it is quite possibly an untapped market.  and i do so enjoy picturing the bolshevik sampling a local milk-shake and then spitting it out in disgust.  "no!  es muy malo!"  and then handing over his Milk-Shake Consultant business card. 

other less amusing ideas include: beginner piano instruction, professional knitting, and freelance article writing.  only time will tell which of our many talents will be utilized for profit.


  1. congrats on the punk rope certification. i have a team competing in the punk rope games this saturday in brooklyn...cant wait.
    i heard about punk rope classes through heykiki.com

  2. thanks! good luck in the punk rope games! i competed last year, it was a lot of fun. i'm a bit sad i won't be there this year :(

  3. Team Hexy lives forever in our hearts, though.

    So, have you had any offers yet to be professional milkshake-tasters?

  4. not yet, but we've been testing lots of milkshakes to see where they need improvement. it's difficult but necessary work ;)